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The internet has been a disruptive game changer for sales and marketing processes. Buyers are so much better informed now, that sales need to understand their needs before they go to see them. Buyers are now used to responding to a tailored approach. Generic features and benefits no longer resonate. You cannot tell a prospect what your product or service does and expect them to recognise they might need it – you need to tell them why they need it specifically. It’s up to marketing, working with sales to find the buyers needs, acknowledge them and present the solution that matches those needs. Digital marketing, marketing automation and advertising based on buyer activity online are all certainly part of a marketing strategy but do they deliver the personal insight that is sometimes required? We have developed an Enhanced Sales Process (ESP), which is an account based marketing process that combines a number of marketing practices to deliver the insight that truly empowers our clients with intelligence to build sales pipeline.

What we do

Account Based Marketing

ABM delivers the highest RoI of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic.

  • Building a marketing plan.
  • Utilising our proprietary 'ESP' process.
  • Focusing on target accounts.
  • Delivering tangible results.
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Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is by far the best and most cost effective way to generate new business.

  • Building a structure around your referrals.
  • Nurturing your networks.
  • Generates more loyal clients, motivated buyers.
  • More profitable deals.
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Building Sales Pipeline

A sales pipeline describes an approach to selling your product or service.

  • Prospect client profiling.
  • Telemarketing.
  • Demand generation.
  • Email and Direct Marketing.
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Marketing Strategy

Delivering Sales.

  • Marketing Review
  • 10 Step Marketing Plan
  • Mapping the plan
  • Measuring the plan’s results

Networking and Events

Marketing and technology thought leadership.

  • Overseas trade trips
  • Peer to peer marketing events
  • Technology showcases for start-ups
  • Digitalks

Intelligent Web Decisions

Bringing customers to you.

  • Digital strategy
  • Web design and build
  • Optimisation and analytics management
  • Copywriting
  • "Rising customer expectations are the most disruptive trend in business today. Companies that differentiate their customer relationships on the basis of account specific insights and responsiveness raise customer expectations and create competitive advantage"


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Account based Marketing

An ABM plan would include:

  • Business overview – what your prospect does
  • Key Insights relevant to your sales strategy and any common themes across the vertical markets
  • Strategy of the business – this will include a high level set of objectives that the business is seeking to achieve
  • Business tactics – the business tactics are activities that must be undertaken in order for the strategic objectives to be completed
  • Key stakeholders

Read a case study with BackOffice Associates here (pdf).

Referral Marketing

IBD recognise that many professional services businesses including software and IT companies will get substantial business via networking and referrals.

IBD will optimise this process so it delivers more for you using the following process:

  • Building a referral marketing plan
  • Building a house of referrals
  • Building a networking scorecard
  • Measuring your referral relationships
  • Understanding behavioural styles impacts on referral results
  • Understanding referral sources and activities
  • Evaluating your current networking
  • Building a plan to support your referral marketing with other relevant marketing activity
  • Implementing a Monthly planner

Building Sales Pipeline - Telemarketing

Our Enhanced Sales Process will:

  • Identify your target market
  • Identify the right people in your target market – your ideal customer profile
  • Research their needs
  • Identify their behavioural style
  • Determine an approach that will lead to building a bigger and better pipeline
  • Use referral marketing practices to build relationships

It is not an automated system but it is a framework and requires real people to make judgements.

  • Penny is a skilled consultant and brings a wealth of marketing knowledge and experience to her work. We knew we were in good hands from the outset. She has the ability to collaborate with us when needed and to go away and get things done on her own steam when this is most appropriate. She also brings a sense of humour and ease to the work, so that we can enjoy the process as well as getting results!

    Christina Lynch - Helastel

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