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T H E  B U S I N E S S  S E R V I C E S  C O M P A N Y  Inc.

YOUR Requirements - OUR Services

Welcome to the start of solving your Business, Sales & Marketing Problems

Finding the right solutiions for your problems is what we do, with a proven track record (you will find testimonials from just a few of our clients all over our web site) we specialise
in Business, Sales, Marketing & Recruitment. After being in business for over 20+ years we have found these are areas most companies need our help with.

How we work & play

We have many varied people from different business backgrounds, but all professionals in their fields. Once we have established what you are looking for, we will assess who is best to run your project - be it a Marketing person, or someone who has enormous experience in sales or an IT techie that can create processes or spreadsheets - "we got them all here !!!".

It's strange, but we seem to like good food  - so team outings mainly consist of evenings in town drinking and eating !!!!!

The last company day out was tank driving & Go Karting - of course we let our customers win some of the races ....

Penny & her team are skilled consultants and bring a wealth of marketing knowledge and experience to the table.
We knew we were in good hands from the outset. They have the ability to collaborate with us when needed and
to go away and get things done on their own steam when this is most appropriate.
As well as bringing a sense of humour and ease to the work, so that we can all enjoy the process as well as getting results!
Christina Lynch - Helastel

The Business Services
Company Inc.

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+044 (0) 117 422 0000
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