"If you want a better sales pipeline providing more introductions to those you most want to meet,

Penny will do that for you.

Her approach is pragmatic yet flexible and really any company which is serious about growth should look at what she does."

Chris Kenber

Bristol Business Coach

Small business? Needing Support

Intelligent business decisions offer a range of services for smaller business covering upto 9 service offerings, everything from intelliABM (Account Based Marketing essential) to intelliPROFILING.  We’ve proved that time and time again we can get smaller businesses meeting their most desirable prospects and starting the right conversations with the right people.

Acquiring customers is essential for any business regardless of size.

Smaller businesses struggle with sales skills, time, data and insight into their prospects.

Recent research shows that highly focused and targeted prospecting achieves a 40% better closure rate. What makes us different is that we provide really hot introductions to a carefully selected group of prospects.

However, a successful sales campaign needs strong foundations and some fundamental marketing help may be needed first. We will listen to your needs and hopes and work with you to deliver marketing help that helps plot your route to a successful sale.