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Empowering clients with Intelligence
– why?

The internet has been a disruptive game changer for sales and marketing processes. Buyers are so much better informed now, that sales need to understand their needs before they go to see them. Buyers are now used to responding to a tailored approach. Generic features and benefits no longer resonate. You cannot tell a prospect what your product or service does and expect them to recognise they might need it – you need to tell them why they need it specifically. It’s up to marketing, working with sales to find the buyers needs, acknowledge them and present the solution that matches those needs. Digital marketing, marketing automation and advertising based on buyer activity online are all certainly part of a marketing strategy but do they deliver the personal insight that is sometimes required? We have developed an Enhanced Sales Process (ESP), which is an account based marketing process that combines a number of marketing practices to deliver the insight that truly empowers our clients with intelligence to build sales pipeline.

Meet the Team


Highlights while working at ibd?
Building the team, moving into Londonderry Farm, growing the list of happy customers

If you weren’t a Director what would you be?
A ballerina

What’s your biggest achievement to date?
Helping a customer build a pipeline of £2 million



Highlights while working at ibd?
Working with likeminded professionals, getting my first client within 3 months, laughing every day

Describe some of your own passions?
Being the best I can be, having fun as much as possible, helping people who need it

Favourite Quote?
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger


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