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We have found that in every company there is something or someone missing, we bring that missing skillset to you
Our Core Pieces

We have divided "Our Core Pieces" into four separate areas, after many years of experience we have found that our "typical" clients prefer our services devided up into these areas.
Thats not to say some clients want a "mix & match" which we are happy to deliver.
Marketing Strategy and Planning
“Maximise your marketing return on investment with realistic and honest expectations” Delivering revenue today and growth potential, Key Marketing Activities built around 90 day plans.

Candidate Discovery

Building a team is critical to successful business growth. 22% of businesses fail because they have teams that fall out.We will listen to your plans, understand your values and deliver the candidate that can deliver the performance you need.

Back Office essentials
We can help you with everything and anything from setting up domains, web sites to creation of spreadsheets and processes. We have the skill set(s) so you don’t have to know everything – leaving you free to manage and grow your business.

Building Sales Pipeline
For businesses looking to build a sustainable sales pipeline, we will guide you through the process of validating your value propositions, understanding your target market and setting achievable sales goals.
The (ABM) program helped us increase our new business pipeline by $2.5 million and ensured we got the
best value and maximised the impact of our marketing efforts. We chose penny and her team as we had successfully worked together on various telemarketing campaigns.
We liked their consultative, collaborative approach and knew the team always deliver results.  
Amanda Lopez, BackOffice Associates, EMEA Marketing Director

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